Zimbra Desktop


Zimbra DesktopZimbra DesktopZimbra announced Zimbra Desktop today. What is it? Good question. Basically, it is Zimbra Server stripped down to run on your desktop... that will sync with your account on a Zimbra Server and download all of your email, contacts, and calendars... for offline reading.

I guess they could have created a completely new email client but they opted to have you run a local web server/service and connect to it with your browser (port 7366 by default). More...

You can download the Alpha release for Linux, Windows and Mac... with the download being between 20 and 35MB compressed... and taking up about 90MB installed. That's kinda big for an email client, eh? I wonder how much RAM the Zimbra Desktop service takes up?

InstallerInstallerThe Alpha release seems limited to mail, address book and options. They will be adding calendaring and the rest with later releases.

So, what do you think about Zimbra Desktop so far? Feel free to look at the Zimbra Desktop photo gallery I created from my install of the Alpha release.