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New Open Source DNS Server


BozemanLUG member David Eder sent the following to the BozemanLUG mailing list and I thought I'd share it here:

[BozemanLUG] Unnamed DNS Server released

After a month or so of not fiddling with it, I submitted it to, so it should be up tomorrow some time.

You can get it here:

For those not up to speed, Unnamed is a caching DNS server that can filter DNS. So for example, you like, but don't like their landing pages when you should have gotten an NXDOMAIN, you can now have your NXDOMAIN back. Or, you don't like ads, porn, etc. Easy and fast blocking. You want to host your own dns, easy. You want to filter mail based on an rbl that knows what country unresolvable ips are from, easy. Lots of features, easy to extend in C or Lua. And did I mention it's


Video: Virgin America on Selling Value of Open Source

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OK, this is another great video I found. This one is how the airline Virgin America has deployed Open Source software throughout their operation instead of all the vendor solutions their competitors keep using. I believe it's only 24 minutes long so pretty quick to view.

One of the things that struck me about this presentation, was the excitement of the presenter. He seemed truly excited to be at LinuxCon telling / showing developers how his company was using their hard work.

Utah Open Source Conference

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I saw an ad for the Utah Open Source Conference on 28 - 30 August in Salt Lake. Is anybody going? I would be tempted except for the economic realities of life in the early 21st Century, and not enough lead time.

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