No Cost AntiVirus solution a Centos 5.1.1 server.

Hello All.

This isn't for e-mail.. For files that are uploaded by users. I have a ClamAV, qmailscanner solution on our qmail e-mail server which has been running trouble free for some time now.

Appears some one is trying to take over the ClamAV company and it has been some time since I've had to do any research on the subject..

If you are aware of any new or better anti-virus options other then clam-AV would you let me know.

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No issues with ClamAV

No complaints. It is a solid almost maintenance free anti-virus package.. It has worked well for us in the past with our email server.

Just looking for other information on the subject. Things change very rapidly. If the ClamAV company is aquired I'm wondering how much longer we can expect it to be GPL.

Thanks for getting back Scott

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ClamAV was already aquired

To clarify, ClamAV was aquired last year. See:

As you know ClamAV is GPLed... and if the company in control of it now were to do something the community wasn't happy with, they risk it being forked. Sourcefire (the makers of the GPLed Snort) has been around for a number of years and is very familiar with the FOSS community so I don't anticipate them doing anything silly with Snort nor ClamAV.

Now, having said that... it is always good to run multiple virus scanners so hang on to ClamAV and add one or two others.

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Multiple scanners hummmm.

Why didn't I think of that.
and I could do file checking multiple times.
Thanks Scott.

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It is Centos 5.1

Thank you Scott for the correction.

Any other options out there besides ClamAV?

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Alternatives to ClamAV

There are a few free beer virus scanners that you can find, but to the best of my knowledge, ClamAV is the only GPLed one.

BitDefender is one... if you can find it... they kind of hide the free Linux version... but they have one.

I wonder if AVG has a Linux version?

Anyway, neither of those are open source.

So, what issues are you having with ClamAV?

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ClamAV take over?

I have read a little bit about the company behind Snort (Sourcefire I think) buying ClamAV. It is my understanding that the ClamAV developers were completely happy with the transaction and continue to operate much the same as they have in the past.

If you have a specific complaint about ClamAV, I'd like to hear about it.

Also, I'm not sure what CentOS 5.1.1 is. I know what CentOS 5.1 is but not 5.1.1. :) 5.2 should be our real soon now.

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