Billings LUG for August? please reply if interested


If there is any interest in a LUG in Billings this month please reply. My conference room is available each Thursday evening on the condition that there are a few people already planning on attending. rsvp. thanks

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Wow it took me a while to

Wow it took me a while to find this post again. This website can be confusing... I see you made a blog post instead of attaching it to the BillingsLUG page. Plus we have the mailing list. I think part of the problem with our attendance numbers is there is no one specific place we're supposed to go for information. And if you look on the main BillingsLUG page (redirected from the "official" meeting place has not changed in a number of months even though we have met at other places. I'm not even sure how to change it.

I am under the impression, due to lack of contact, that Worzie is out of the picture now for organizing or even attending these meetings. These Thursdays are set aside on my calendar every month so I have no problem being a permanent host whether people show up or not. The fact is, somebody needs to take ownership or these will not be promoted and attendance will remain negligible. We say we like informal, but RSVP requirements detract from that.

Lack of an initial topic to focus discussion might be an issue but I am confident that when you put two computer nerds in the same room they invariably find something to talk about. Publishing a topic would likely help to bring in outsiders, however, assuming it is sufficiently promoted. I apologize for missing a number of meetings in a row in the past but we need to establish a group of "regulars" so this keeps happening. I consider myself in that group. Donnie, Dan Spencer, and yourself have been the only others to show in recent meetings. I know there are things like Alive After Five going on but they happen every week. If we can't expect some regulars to show one simple evening a month then perhaps this club has outlived its usefulness. I know I would be sad to see it go.


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BillingsLUG info on this site?

If you want, designate a person (you?) and I can give you elevated access to the system so you can update the BillingsLUG info however you want. It seems to work very well for the BozemanLUG... but I do all of the work on that myself.

TYL, Scott

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Thank you for the

Thank you for the suggestion, Scott. We will come back to you with a new designee to take over the BillingsLUG page after our August meeting this week.



Shawn, I think you are correct on many points.

I don't have a solution at this time to many of the issues that keep the BillingsLUG from having a regular, strong attendance.

here are some random thoughts:

At each meeting, we should make a list of good future topics and vote on the topic for the next meeting. We can then publish the next topic and meeting location for a month in advance and keep a running list of 'active' topics.

I believe our goal should be to have a somewhat formal opening for 30-60 minutes and switch to an open forum for the next 30-60 minutes.

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great idea


Great idea! I know that, personally, between meetings I continue to think about Linux but on a very narrow focus closely related to my active work, and this does not lend itself to very interesting topics. During our meetings would be a great time to think of additional topics for future meetings. We should keep a running list online, probably somewhere here on this site. Sorry my "rant" was in reply to your posting but know that my frustrations weren't directed at you specifically.

For this month I think we should do as Scott suggested and nominate a new person to take over the BillingsLUG page here.



I'm afraid that I may be too flakey on attendance or planning at this point to manage it. I have a lot on my plate right now with the new business, buying a house, the regular jobs, etc.

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I volunteer myself as I have

I volunteer myself as I have no problem doing it and have a fairly flexible schedule. Just want to give others a chance as well.


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Hey Dan, I am interested and

Hey Dan,

I am interested and plan on attending. Donnie seemed to express some interest as well. You have anything in particular you want to talk about?



Not specifically.

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