Advanced User Forum Created


I would like to announce, a new old forum, for advanced topics on scripting, kernel compiling, packaging deb/rpm, networking, etc... etc...

This used to be a PCLinuxOS forum, but not any more. The Admin wanted to branch out to include any help for Linux, so we took the forum out of the PCLinuxOS community. Most of us use that distro however, so for a while, I guess that will be the focus by default.

These users usually do their homework before asking a question, so you wont see a lot of (where's the on button) type questions.

If any of you Gurus would like to help out, or participate, ask a question, answer a question, that would be awesome, and I'd like to see some familiar names from #ubuntu-montana show up there. When I see ya, I'll be sure and give you a good welcome.


Got a report the link wasn't working. Not sure what happened, but it's working now. Thanks.