What a Jerk.


Is this guy just an idiot? Or something more sinister, like a puppet?

Does he actually believe his own crap?

"Linux is great. It's a free, open-source operating system (OS) based on work done by Linus Torvalds in the early '90s. Again, it's free, powerful and easy to ...

Oh wait, it's a pain to use. Let's get this straight: Linux is very good, and leads the charge in an ongoing revolution in free software. However, a lot of Linux users out there give the whole thing a poor name. They forget that most people don't know as much as they do about computers. Some people garden, write poetry, fall in love or ... er, bloviate about gadgetry.

Please don't confuse your fanaticism with superiority and, for the love of Jobs, stop telling us we're sheep under the sway of Microsoft. No one likes Comcast either, but until it's convenient to string our own fiber optic cable we're sticking with it. (Msnbc.com is a Microsoft-NBC Universal joint venture.)

Cool if: You're not heaping disdain on the rest of us, or maybe if you're in charge of a server farm.

Not cool if: You feel your mastery of computers excuses your inability to control a neck-beard."

I just got a new bit of information, tho I can't verify whether it is true or not:
"the pic is of linus torvalds"

If that is true, I hope he is as offended as I am.

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it's a good thing msnbc barely works in firefox...

otherwise intelligent people might have to read that fascist drivel.


SO what is wrong with a neck beard? :-) (Yea, I mean in Montana ... Nebraska or Alaska, not Iraq ...or Tuscon, AZ.)

Yep, that is Linus on the Linux blurb page. I imagine that Linus would laugh-off the comments in the article. Oh wait, he *is* looking at the article and laughing.

Yeh! You just have to look

Yeh! You just have to look at the company Linux is put in with.. Mac Book's, Segways, Tivo's, ipod acessories. Whole slew of non-MS stuff.

The biggest "Makes you look like a jerk" item, should of course be Vista!

What a Jerk.

Wow! I* just have to comment on this.
I was a DOS user for many years, and turned down the first Windows( It was free btw) I have been a Linux user for many years. Linux has kept me funtional for all these years and I expect it to continue to do so. Is my brain functions lesensing? Maybe so, but it has kept me current with all around me.

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