MontanaLinux Remix Update


Since the Fedora Remix build process on Fedora 13 broke some time ago after some package upgrades and they were dragging their feet about fixing it, I switched to Fedora 14 devel for my MontanaLinux Remix effort. It sure is fun. Luckily the RPM Fusion folks have devel packages for Fedora 14 so I'm not missing anything.

The only problem I've run into is with adding the Google Chrome Browser to my package set. For some reason, if I install Google Chrome as part of the build, I run into a issue with a failure to umount a loopback interface that causes the building of the iso to fail. Removing Google Chrome from the package list makes the issue go away. I guess that's actually a good thing because I'm not sure how Google would feel with me pre-installing their browser and distributing it. If I had picked Chromium, I'm sure there wouldn't be a distribution issue.

Anyway, the switch to Fedora 14 devel seems to have worked out quite well and it is actually in pretty good shape. There is one minor bug that I find annoying and hope they get fixed before the final release. Also the devel kernel has a lot of debugging options turned on that makes it a bit slower than usual, and I do have an occasional issue with sound after resuming from sleep on my Acer netbook... but I'm guessing that will get fixed in the release kernel. The switch has gotten me more involved with testing and reporting bugs and that is good.

If anyone wants to give it a try, email me and I'll give you a URL to download the .iso. 32-bit and 64-bit versions are available.

In related news, the Utah Open Source Conference is going on today, tomorrow and Sunday and I was hoping to go to it but it didn't work out this year... which is a real shame because a number of Fedora folks are there including the new Fedora Project Leader... and I would have loved to meet and talk with those guys. Last year our booth (OpenVZ) was right next to the Fedora booth.

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To be honest, I'm not sure why you picked Google Chrome sted the Chromium project in the first place. The stuff that's "missing" from the Chromium package is stuff most users will end up adding anyway.

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Why not chromium?

The main reason is because none of the repos I use include a chromium package. Google has made it very easy to get Chrome.

only one bug?

Hi Scott,
you mentioned that there is one minor bug, what about Xorg bug that is preventing live images from working in VirtualBox and KVM? For me that is a big issue.

Are your current Fedora 14 based iso's starting in VirtualBox and KVM? Mine aren't :(


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Works for me

I think you are referring to:

Is that the one?

If so, I'm using Fedora 14 for my build environment and the various bugs have been fixed there so no, I'm not running into that problem. My isos boot and work fine in KVM... and I happen to install them in a KVM VM and use them to build with.

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