LinuxWorld Expo 2007 Day 2


OpenVZ VolunteersOpenVZ Volunteers
Today Scott and I had plenty of time to get breakfast at Burger King on the way to the Mascone Center! Food at the food court is not very cheap. So I just didn't eat much yesterday. Had planned to eat with the OpenVZ/SWsoft group Tuesday evening but the location they were at when they called was about 1.4 miles away and we were on foot having just finished walking a mile already back to the apartment. So we had to bag out of going. The offer was up again for dinner tonight but Kir and Kostya needed to go to the airport (SFO) to try extending their stay here in SF. Before departing I let them know it would probably be a bit late for us to be out walking the streets. We are not in the better neighborhoods to be out and about on foot.

Today Scott thought the traffic at the booth was higher than Tuesday but I didn't think it was. However I finally got away from the booth about 1:30 to go around to other booths for about 2.5 hours. So my understanding of our booth traffic was based on this morning.
Kir and exhibitorKir and exhibitor
I burned another 25 DVDs last night which was the remainder of our pre-printed DVDs. Kir/Kostya purchased another 50 spindle non-printed and we probably burned another 10-20 during the exhibit today. Not planning to burn any more tonight; will continue to during the exhibit tomorrow.

Last night I searched for an easier way we could answer the same repetitive questions of "how does OpenVZ compare with Xen or VMware?". I found just what I was looking for at So I copy and paste pieces from this site and changed the order of the table around so the most frequent asked about virtualization software would show on the first page of the slide I was creating. Today we used a flat panel to display the table. This seemed to help with many casual passers by so questions today got a little more technical sometimes.
Kostya and exhibitorKostya and exhibitor
Scott also had his laptop going and showed different aspects of OpenVZ... not just Live migration. However we did setup another couple laptops to show live migration. Kostya setup a script to continually migrate a VPS back and forth between our laptops as one window showing a VNC connection remains connected even when the home of this VPS travels between the machines. Always exciting when we can impress someone such as a Red Hat employee who discovers a new feature from our presentation.

During my venture out to other exhibits, I was not in any hurry to rush off to break-out sessions. Spoke with many many folks in the industry. Registered for some drawings; Wii Console, iPod... Our passes have a bar-code for many exhibitors to scan and instantly have your information to send you information/spam. We must have missed out on many T-shirts as I didn't see many available. Those that were still available required lots of hoops to go through. We have T-shirts as well but our criteria of obtaining one only requires us hearing a mentioning they use OpenVZ. This was only decided late yesterday, so we have only given a few out.

Before heading out after the show, a local LUGer stopped and asked to do a 50 second video interview with Kir but would return in a few minutes and to be prepared. After waiting around for about 15-20 minutes he did not return. I was planning to record this as well and if he does comes back I hope to be there for it tomorrow.