LinuxWorld Expo 2007 Day 3


As usual with any show, the last day on the exhibit floor is very light. Both Marc and I were scheduled for the morning and Scott was not scheduled at all Thursday. We didn't always stick to the schedule though. Marc didn't get in until after 1pm and Scott was there most of the time anyway. Both Kir and Kostya made their rounds to see other exhibits as well did Scott. Not much swag was left, but it was fun to speak with others. In some cases it turned into just a cold-calling out on the floor. One exhibiter from rPath turned the tables on us (after Kir asked why rPath doesn't support OpenVZ while several other virtualization products are supported) and wanted to know about OpenVZ instead of telling us about rPath. We ended up back at our booth finishing with a demonstration.

The DVD burning continued and we had no trouble keeping up with the demand... however we did end up burning all of the spool of 50. By the end of the show we only had about 5 left.

The videographer from one of the Bay area LUGs continued his rounds as well. He got to our booth and simply asked if he had interviewed our booth yet. He told us how he would conduct the interview and said he would be right back as he did day 2. This time however he did come back. I was with an exhibitor at the time but managed to escape to grab my camera. The LUGer wanted to interview more than just Kir so others volunteered to be subjects including Scott who also was video taping this. So Scott was first up and the cameras were dueling away. I recorded this from my camera and paused as he reset to make his approach to the main booth area. However when he came in to the booth, my fat finger failed to hit record and as a result I ended up hitting it on when I meant to stop. Such is life. Scott did get this as well as other interviews he tagged along with.

At 4pm the show ended with a sudden demolition of booths that took several hours to set up. The walls came down almost faster than we could remove our signage. We didn't have much to remove but it took some time to untie.

We had dinner plans with Kir and Kostya so we helped bring the booth supplies to their hotel sharing a cab. They stayed at a rather interesting hotel that was renovated as European style. The rooms were so small they barely fit a bed in them. The patrons shared common showers and restrooms outside their rooms.

We ate at a restaurant next to their hotel called Zuni. Not sure if it was Italian, but seemed to be pretty up-scale. There was like three items to choose from which was 1/3rd of the menu... the remainder (2/3rd) was drinks. My salmon was very very tasty but as usual in these upscale places the portions are smaller than you would expect. Good thing we shared two loaves of bread prior to dinner arriving.

Overall the show was a great experience. I learned a lot about OpenVZ just from listening to the developers and doing some homework after the first day. Something I would love to do again some day. Maybe as part of a vacation to Germany! Who knows... I never plan these things... they just fall into my lap.