Getting ready for LinuxWorld Expo 2007


Next Saturday (August 4th), Warren and I head off to San Francisco for the LinuxWorld Expo 2007. We will be helping to staff the OpenVZ booth at the .org Pavilion.

This opportunity kind of fell unexpectedly into my lap when Kir posted an announcement that they were looking for a few community members to help staff the booth given the fact that they had seven exhibit passes and would only be sending two of the OpenVZ developers over from Russia, "as to not stall development."

I've been increasing my OpenVZ knowledge and plan to practice giving demos with Warren a bit on Sunday and Monday. I've been using OpenVZ on a daily basis for over a year now, given two public OpenVZ presentations, written several articles... so interacting with community members and promoting OpenVZ to the crowd at LinuxWorld Expo seems like a natural progression. I really look forward to meeting Kir Kolyshkin and Konstantin Khorenko from the project as well as Marc Perkel who will also be staffing the booth.

According to the wiki page, time in the booth has been scheduled so Warren and I should have about half the show to wonder around... although at this point I'm not sure what show package options were purchased with the exhibit passes. At the very least I hope to visit all of the .org Pavilion folks... and if possible see a talk or two. I'm taking the video camera so maybe I can get a few interviews for this site.

A big thank you goes to SWsoft for sponsoring the OpenVZ project from the beginning as well as for buying me a plane ticket. My brother-in-law Steve Burton happens to live less than 2 miles from the Moscone Center in San Francisco where LinuxWorld Expo is being held and he is allowing Warren and I to stay in his loft.

I don't know if I'll have time to write with any depth about the event until well after we get back... but with any luck, maybe both Warren and I can do a few short posts while we are there.