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Thursday, February 5, 2015
Start: 7:00 pm
End: 9:00 pm

Topics: KDE Plasma 5 Desktop v5.2.0 and LXQT Desktop v0.8.0
Discussion Lead: Scott Dowdle

KDE Plasma 5 Desktop - We have covered Plasma 5 before but they recently had a 5.2.0 release... and I have tried both the LiveDVD as well as installing it and using it on my home Fedora 21 desktop. Plasma 5 will be the default KDE for Fedora 22 and Kubuntu 15.04.

LXQT - The LXDE folks decided to drop GTK for QT... and joined with the Razor-QT developers. LXQT had its 0.8.0 release on Dec. 7th so it is time to check this light-weight yet modern desktop out.

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