BozemanLUG - Nov/Dec Meeting Report

Example SlideExample SlideThere were eight folks in attendance for Chad Bohannan's presentation on the Linux Virtual File System (VFS), Filesystem in Userspace (FUSE) and his porting of MaiaFS from a small embedded OS to FUSE.

Chad has been working with a couple of space satellite research projects with MSU-Bozeman and his goal is to port Linux to their launch vehicle and use the MaiaFS as a "forgetful" filesystem for data collection.

Chad covered the basics of the VFS, FUSE, and showed us actual code for MaiaFS. He explained that it is very easy to create and modify filesystems since the VFS/FUSE system provides all of the functions for everything and you just replace the functions you need and can ignore the ones you don't need. Attached below are his slides for those who didn't attend. His talk was more than just the slides though... because as he went through them, he told us how it applies to his project.

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