Video: OpenVZ Project Update - LFNW2009

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I gave a presentation entitled, "OpenVZ Project Update" at Linuxfest Northwest 2009 in Bellingham, WA. I have added a PDF of my slides as an attachment.

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Video: Data Centers in Orbit - LFNW2009


Keith Lofstrom of gave a presentation entitled, "Sky Server: Computation and Data Centers in Orbit" at Linuxfest Northwest 2009 in Bellingham, WA.

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Video: Ask Monty - LFNW2009


Monty Widenius of Monty Program Ab gave a presentation entitled, "Ask Monty and Black Vodka" at Linuxfest Northest 2009.

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Video: Amazon Web Services - LFNW2009


Satyen Choudhury from Amazon Web Services gave the following presentation entitled, "Get a server up and running in less than 10 minutes using AWS Management Console" at Linuxfest Northwest 2009 in Bellingham, WA.

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Video: FOSS World Domination - LFNW2009


Jon "maddog" Hall gave a presentation entitled, "How Free and Open Source Software will have World Domination" at Linuxfest Northwest 2009 in Bellingham, WA. Please note that they started recording a bit too early and the presentation doesn't actually start until about 8 minutes in.

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Review: Sandisk Sansa Clip

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Sansa ClipSansa ClipI have always wanted a good quality audio player that works well with Linux and plays Ogg Vorbis files. Even though the Sansa Clip was originally released in 2007, I somehow missed it. The gang on The Linux Link Tech Show mentioned the Sandisk Sansa Clip as being an affordable, quality portable audio player that worked well with Linux so I decided to give it a shot. I did a little bargain hunting online and found a refurbished 1GB unit for $18.95 plus shipping so I thought it was hard to go wrong for that price. The unit arrived three days ago and I spent all weekend using it.

All of the reviews I'd come across (including a few video reviews) gave it high marks. The latest firmware available for it allows for playback of .ogg (Ogg Vorbis) and .flac (Free Loseless Audio Codec) in addition to .mp3, .wav, .wma and DRMed audiobooks. It DOES NOT play .m4a (AAC) format. I prefer to use formats that are not patent encumbered so the vast majority of my music is in .ogg/.oga format.

60 Minutes segment on the Conficker virus

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Yeah, this is Microsoft Windows related, but it doesn't hurt the share the info since so many of us work in mixed environments.

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Linux Educational Comicbook

H&B #2H&B #2I got an email from Jeremiah Gray announcing a new issue (#2) of Hackett and Bankwell, the educational comicbook about Linux and Free and Open Source Software from Intarcorp Ltd. Issue #2 is currently only available in electronic format (PDF) and they have decided to release it under a Creative Commons license. Thank you!

Intarcorp Ltd.Intarcorp Ltd.You may recall that I bought the print version of Hackett and Bankwell last year at Linuxfest Northwest 2008 and mentioned it in my LFNW 2008 Report. I'm a comicbook collector from way back but I don't have much of a collection to speak of these days.

It turns out they have done some updates to the original issue #1 and also released it in electronic format (PDF) but are calling it #1.1 because of the updates. If you haven't checked this comicbook out, do so. Pass it along to younger readers too... it is for all ages. I can't say enough good things about Hackett and Bankwell... and will definitely be dropping by their booth at Linuxfest Northwest 2009 to say hello.

H&B #1.1H&B #1.1Almost forgot to mention... a couple of months ago they were kind enough to mail us (the BozemanLUG) 10 issues of #1 to give away to LUG members. They are very interested in getting feedback from readers so they can improve the comicbook with each issue. They are really stressing the educational approach. Please download issues #1 and #2 (you can find the PDFs as attachments to this post), share them with everyone, and give them some constructive feedback if you are so inclined.

You are also encouraged to buy a copy of the print version of #1 or make a donation to help them produce future issues.

Linux Sys admin position in Bozeman

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We need another Linux Sys Admin in our Hosting group at RightNow Technologies in Bozeman. Some scripting / coding experience would be helpful but all that is really needed is a solid Unix/Linux background and a willingness to learn.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Pippin Wallace
RightNow Technologies

Missoula LUG April 2009 Meeting

Thursday 4/2/09 6pm at Sean Kellys
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