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Billings LUG for August? please reply if interested


If there is any interest in a LUG in Billings this month please reply. My conference room is available each Thursday evening on the condition that there are a few people already planning on attending. rsvp. thanks

google maps link

JANUARY 2011 Billings LUG

The Billings LUG is tonight! Thursday Jan 20th. Come on by, the address is 1123 North 11th street.

Tonight's discussion will be on SQL Basics

Favorite Linux.

Thought maybe I would try to liven these blogs up a bit.

Care to comment on your favorite linux distro(s)?

I have 3 favs. Centos(now @ 5.3), ubuntu and debian.

I run ubuntu for my desktop. Pretty much a stock gnome setup. I like to keep things near stock so that there is less work when I upgrade and replace.

Naturally(maybe this is arguable!) ubuntu on the desktop leads to debian on the server. Familiar tools, stable as a rock system etc etc

I do like Centos as RHEL is so well supported and CentOS inherits that. I run centos is XenServer Vms and it performs quite well.

Just for fun

Hello! Just a friendly hi for my first blog post here. Thanks for listening :)

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