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Dual-boot? Doesn't always work

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Yesterday, I finally talked Marilyn into putting another hard drive on her 'puter so she could add a Linux OS. Although I've installed several different distros on my own machine, I could never get her to even try Linux. Well her XP OS messed up enough to finally tick her off to the point of considering trying something, anything out. As I have been checking out so many distros, one retail version caught her fancy. She thought that the ease of CNR and having license fees taken care of by Linspire for most, if not all the multimedia codecs would make the difference.

Meeting Nights?????

I had actually joined the YULG a couple years ago, but never attended a meeting because they were on Thursdays, which is a work night for me. I re-joined (now BLUG) primarily because the meeting nights had been changed to Tuesdays. If things had not gotten out of hand last month I would have finally made it to my first meeting, but alas, "stuff happens."

World Domination 201

Here is a link that I think is well worth the reading.

World Domination 201
by Eric S. Raymond and Rob Landley

Here's a teaser quote from the article:

February's Meeting

I had fully intended to make the February meeting, so I could meet some of you, and perhaps learn something useful. (There is just so MUCH that I need to learn!) Unfortunately, as they say "stuff happens" and my best laids plans went awry as a result.

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