The BillingsLUG has a small informal gathering most Thursday evenings at:

MT Space
1519 Broadwater Ave
(adjacent to Tahitian Nites casino -- same building)


Meetings start at around 5PM and have no formal ending time but usually end around 7PM.

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June Meeting

The June meeting is this coming Thursday, June 17th, at 7:30pm on the campus of Rocky Mountain College. For a map of the RMC campus, visit

Topics: 1)Samba, networking with MS Windows, and 2) GIMP, GNU Image Manipulation Program. Hope to see you there!

Of course, there will be plenty of open discussion and socializing. Bring a friend to the meeting!

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April LUG Meeting

Tonight (Thursday, April 15th) is the YVLUG Meeting. If you aren't doing your taxes as the last minute, we hope to see you there!

April 15th, oddly enough, is the 3rd Thursday in April and therefore the target date April YVLUG meeting. I sent an mass email out to everyone I could think of who has shown interest in attending the meetings.

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March Meeting

Just a reminder, the March YVLUG meeting will be Thursday, March 18th at the usual place. I posted this the day before the meeting... my apologies. Just in case someone doesn't know where the usual place is, it is Rocky Mountain College... Alten (I think I'm spelling it correctly) Hall.

We will be discussing the recent LinuxWorld Conference and Expo held in San Jose, CA at the beginning of March... and we will have a presentation related to X Window Managers... and maybe a demo of Wine.

Server Troubles

Apparently, MySQL doesn't like to read its files from any different versions, so when we installed the new server and compiled up a new MySQL, it refused to import the data, and while trying, either it or I managed to screw it all up. We ended up restoring from tape, but this put us back a while. Should be ok now, though. Sorry for the inconvenience.

RedHat 5.2 Out

Well, RedHat 5.2 has finally hit the streets! This means we definately will be able to install it at the upcoming InstallFest... Those interested in getting it sooner, click below...

I'm in the process of mirroring the intel version to the lug ftp site. If you'd like to avoid the bogged-down mirrors, get it at The account name is lugmember with password lugmember. Let's keep this volume low, though guys. Part of the deal with my IMT connection is no constant high-volume ftp traffic.


Anonymous access

Well, I freed up some space on the home partition, so now the rh5-2 stuff is available via standard anon ftp from in /pub/redhat-5.2

Sorry about any confusion this may cause!


Our next meeting, scheduled for Thursday, November 19, 1998, will be an InstallFest!

That's right, a chance for all of you to have a bunch of experienced Linux users help you install Linux on your computer!
We'll have RedHat 5.1 (possibly 5.2, if it is out soon enough!) CD's, and possibly some other distros available to install. You can even take the CD home with you when you're done for two bucks (to cover the cost of reproduction).

Anyway, all you have to do is bring yourself, your friends, and your computer down to Alden Hall, Room 004 on Rocky's campus at 7:30pm to start the transformation. We'll have demos of WordPerfect 8, as well as non-commercial versions of StarOffice 4.0 (possibly 5.0) for you to install so you can be immediatly productive on your new Linux box. Even if you don't have a box to install onto, come and help, watch, ask/answer questions, and generally have a good time.

Watch for Larry's flyer to be posted on the Web site, which will have a map, details, etc. Grab it, run some off, and post them where you see fit!

Once again, the meeting is on November 19, 1998, 7:30pm Alden Hall, room 004, Rocky Mountain College Campus. Alden is the building just west of Fortin Center.

Members Database

The Members Database is now online. Click the Membership button at the left to register or to browse.


Yes, This is for Scott Dowdle, Man we need another Installfest! I m sure others would aggree, OH well I guess we will have to wait till the next release of Redhat or something. BUT PLEASE have an installfest.....

Yeah Yeah I know your probbly thinking "Woopie!"

Well Type at you later,

Toby Schmidt

Flyer Online

As you all know, the next meeting is Oct 22. Larry's flyer is now online in postscript, so if anyone knows of a good place to post some, run some off and do it! Click below for info...

The files are available both by http and anonymous ftp. The two URL's are:
and ftp://lug.cotcomsol.

Download it, run some off, and pass 'em on to your friends!

Meeting Oct. 22

Our next meeting will be October 22, 1998 at 7:30. Topic: Linux Office Suites.

The meeting will be in the same place, Alden Room 004 at Rocky Mountain College, and begin at 7:30pm. Brock will be giving a demonstration/presentation about the different office suites for Linux, including ApplixWare, StarOffice, and WordPerfect. Bring your questions, and boxes, too, if you like;)

As always, any questions pertaining to Linux or other PC unixes are welcome.

Also, we saved some of the prizes from last meeting, and will be giving more away!

Notes from last meeting.

Well, I guess it has been a while since the first meeting, but I thought I should post some basic notes about how the first meeting went.

In general fun was had by all. I believe that there were 12 people in attendance. That wasn't too bad considering it was our first meeting. Soda and cookies were provided by some of the lug members. Thank you to those of you who contributed.

There was a wide variety of Linux experience present in the room. We had two people who had never used Linux all the way to several people with a couple of years Linux experience.

Mike Wangsmo from Redhat Software, Inc. gave a very nice presentation on the history, philosophy and direction of Redhat and Linux in general. Then discussion switched to a question-and-answer session with most of the answers coming from Mike. :)

There was some discussion as to when the next meeting should be held. It was decided that although we would like to have a fixed day of the month to meet (like every third Thursday of the month or whatever) that we would push off to the fourth week of October because most of the people in attendance either work at or are students at Rocky Mountain College and they have mid-terms or something the third week (Sorry if I got that wrong I didn't actually take notes :). We hope to pick a "regular" meeting day and stick to that in the future.

Mike was kind enough to have given us some really cool Redhat Linux gear which we gave away as door prizes. We drew names and gave away T-shirts, hats, RH 5.1 Boxed Sets, and stuff like that. I saved some of the same for the next meeting, so don't worry you can still WIN! Just join us on Thursday, October 22, 1998 at 7:30pm in Alden Hall Room 004 on the Rocky Mountain College Campus.

Scott Beverly

Preliminary First Meeting Date

The first meeting date has been changed to September 17 at 7:30. Rumor has it that someone from the QA Team at RedHat will be joining us!

The meeting place has been set! The first meeting will be in room 004 of the Alden building on Rocky's campus at 7:30pm. Hope you all can come

Redhat Representative at the first meeting.

YES! It is true, Mike Wangsmo, Director of Quality Assurance for Redhat Software, will be at the meeting. He is going to do a presentation about Redhat, and then let questions drive the discussion. Mike told me that he would bring some cool Redhat stuff to give away at the meeting, so make sure you're there!

Scott Beverly

The YVLUG Mailing List is now up and running.Everyone subscribe!

To subscribe, send a message to with the word subscribe in the body (not the subject). You should receive a confirmation.
Please note that Majordomo has only been running on rafiki for a couple days,so there are probably many bugs. If you find one, let us know.
The address to send email to the list is just

Bugs worked out.

Well, I think most of the bugs should be worked out of the mailing list. Give it a try and let me know if you have any problems.

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