The BillingsLUG has a small informal gathering most Thursday evenings at:

MT Space
1519 Broadwater Ave
(adjacent to Tahitian Nites casino -- same building)


Meetings start at around 5PM and have no formal ending time but usually end around 7PM.

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Linux 10 Party in Billings

Rich Hurlocker wrote:


To celebrate (among other things) the 30th birthday of email and the 10th birthday of Linux, I'll be hosting a hobo stew at my house on Saturday, October 6th 2001.

For those who've never participated in a hobo stew, it works like this:

Each guest brings a can of whatever vegetable they feel is appropriate for a stew. We'll put on a pot of meat ahead of time and as each guest arrives, their vegetables are tossed into the pot. When we have stew, we eat from the cans. Soda and chips will be provided. Feel free to bring crackers, corn bread, deserts and/or adult beverages if you desire them.

Plan on arriving around 1830 (6:30PM) which will give everyone a chance to watch Enterprise before.

To get to my humble abode:

Go north on Main until you reach Wicks lane. Turn east (right) onto Wicks. Go east on Wicks to the light. That's Bench. Turn north (left) onto Bench. Go north on Bench, past the back of WalMart, past the school and over the ditch. Turn east (right) onto Kale Drive. Go east on Kale until you get to 902 Kale drive. It's a blue house, with white shutters. My beautiful blue Ford pickup will be in the driveway.

Spouses, offspring and significant others are cordially welcome as well.

random question...

I'm from Billings originally and was just wondering if the Masters still live on 907 Kale Dr.


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September YVLUG Meeting

The September Yellowstone Valley Linux User Group Meeting will be held this Thursday (Sept. 20th) at Cottonwood Computer Solutions. Meeting time is at 7:30pm and CCS is located at 207 N. Broadway Suite MZ-1, Billings, MT 59101.

We will be viewing a documentary film called that is touring the country right now with dates in Missoula and Bozeman. Approx. viewing time: 103 minutes. We will also be giving away CD-Rs containing the lastest KDE 2.2 and 2.2.1 (released today) for the various Linux distributions.

Hope to see everyone there!

Hello Gang

Well gang it has been awhile, I have missed alot of meetings, I hope to catch the October meeting. I ve been busy coding security patches for a few servers at school. Also playing around with a BSD server at school. Hope to see you at the next meeting. :) Keep up the good work Warren, and Scott. The Minutes are great to have, especially if you miss a meeting. :)

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September 2001 Minutes

I know it's been a long while since I have produced the minutes from the meetings. I will do the minutes as long as I have time and interest. I don't know did anyone even miss them?

Sorry if you didn't get a reminder this month. We had a slight glitch on the YVLUG mailing list and only others in Scott's To: field got the message. It was great to see Scott Huck and his boys again!

This month we ventured into (risking your interests) showing a movie! Still having some time at the end of the movie (perhaps going over a little) for actual Linux talk. It was also hard not to talk about the events of the past week. I learned a lot about fellow members' opinions.

The movie was, a documentary of two childhood best friends trying to strike it rich with the Internet dot-com frenzy. A human drama of love, hate, greed, frailty, adventure and betrayal. Well it was really just about money. What I learned was that I don't have what it takes to start or run this type of business. I along with many friends would only be the techi guys these businesses would want to hire.

  • Besides the movie, we did have some YVLUG business to mention; some talk about coordinating efforts to advertise our annual Install Fest coming this November. As time goes I can keep you up to date. Look for an InstallFest category on

  • There was lots of mentioning of the Web Developer Cert. program at Rocky Mtn. College.
  • Some relation to the terrorist event and their communications. See The encryption wars have begun.
  • Thin Client networks. (Possibly next month's topic)
  • Please keep Kevin in your prayers. Get well soon!
    Thanks to all that showed up! See you next month?

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    Linux 10th Anniversary BBQ

    Rich Hurlocker has volunteered his house and amazing BBQ grill to host a party for the 10th Anniversary of Linux. It will start at 2:30pm on Saturday, August 25th (this Saturday). Rich lives at 902 Kale Drive which is in the Heights. I'll have more detailed instructions on how to get to his house shortly. Hotdogs and hambers will be provided. Other goodies are welcome... such as chips, soft drinks, cookies, etc. Anyone interested in attending, please email Scott Dowdle (me).

    Hope to see you there!

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    August YVLUG Meeting

    Email was sent to the mailing lists so everyone who cares should know but...

    The August meeting of the Yellowstone Valley Linux Users Group is tonight (Thursday, August 16th 2001) at Cottonwood Computer Solutions in Billings. See the club website for more info.

    Topic: KDE 2.2 will be shown and (if there is time) Xine (a movie player).

    Hope to see everyone there!

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    July YVLUG Meeting

    The July meeting for the Yellowstone Valley Linux Users Group (Billings) is this Thursday (July 19th) at the usual time and place. The topic will be to examine some of the hardware issues with Warren's AMD Athelon based system. We hope to get his EIDE X Window System working on his video card. Of course, we'll be spend plenty of time gabbing about other topics. Hope to see everyone there!

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    June YVLUG Meeting

    The June meeting will be at the usual time and place, Thursday June 21st.

    The topics for the meeting:

    1. Getting ATA100 IDE working on an Athelon motherboard

    2. ClarkConnect - a mini-distro based on Red Hat designed specifically for setting up a Router/Firewall/Server on a home network connected by DSL or Cable

    3. New O'Reilly Catalogs! & a brochure for the upcoming Open Source Conference

    4. General chit chat!

    Hope to see everyone there.

    Questions or comments, please email

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    May YVLUG Meeting

    Sorry for the short forthcoming reminder... this month has ripped on in. No sure topic has been set but may change any moment... If you would like to show a program or speak on a topic this month, feel free to speak up. I also read somewhere of a possible unofficial (ogg) "Just For Fun" book on audio may be given away for a door prize!

    The YVLUG (Yellowstone Valley Linux User's Group) meets
    every third Thursday of the month at Cottonwood Computer Solutions, 207 N. Broadway Suite MZ-1.

  • Starts at 7:30PM
  • All are welcome!
  • No fees!
  • No membership required!
  • Free parking!
  • Free speech (sorry no free beer)

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    May YVLUG Meeting Minutes

    First off I want to thank Kevin Nathan for bringing in his SUSE 7.1 Penguin box. He demonstrated several programs such as YAST. He has a very cool looking penguin case as well. Maybe he could post a link where he got that?

    Before the meeting Scott and Brock compiled a very slick demo of Cal3D:

    Cal3d is a skeletal based 3d character animation library written in C++ in a platform-/graphic API-independent way. Originally designed to be used in a 3d client for Worldforge, it evolved into a stand-alone product which can be used in many different kinds of projects.

    From what I gathered on their conversation during the compile, you need to guide it to several local libraries. The configure script is not totally foolproof.

    Next was a demonstration on spawning new X window sessions within the current. This allowed us to preview other window managers such as Gnome or Sawfish in separate window displays in the current running manager. Here is a brief description from Brock:

    man Xnest is about the only reference I know of... Here's my brief summary:

    >From in an Xterm, (or KDE run box, etc ) you simply run: (something like)

    Xnest :1 -query localhost

    Here's a breakdown of the args::1 means use screen 1, so to run a program onto this nested session, you would use something like:


    Each display needs a unique number, but you can have as many as you like.

    -query localhost means to query for a XDMCP server on localhost, and connect to it if you can. This is querying for an XDM server (or kdm, or gdm) running at localhost. You can also try these other options:

    indirect localhost will bring up a chooser generated by localhost of all the XDMCP servers available that it can see on your network.

    broadcast will simply broadcast over the network and connect to the first server it finds, likely, localhost.

    We had 9 attendees at the meeting. The mentioned unofficial (ogg/mp3) copy of the book "Just For Fun", also the latest from RMS's and an older one from Larry Wall on Pearl all on one CD-R was given away as the door-prize. Meeting adjourned at approximately 9:30PM.

    Lastly; if you have an idea or wish to see list, or you would like to do a presentation, please let us know. Any ideas or takers for the June meeting?

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    April 2001 Meeting

    The April 2001 meeting will be held Thursday, April 19th at the usual place and time. Discussion topics include: 1) Ogg Vorbis as an alternative to .mp3, 2) the 2001 Colorado Linux Info Quest, 3) Red Hat Linux 7.1 which was released today (Apr. 16th), and 4) the new Bozeman LUG.

    For more information, feel free to email Scott Dowdle.

    Don't forget to check out MontanaLinux.Org from time to time either.

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    April 2001 YVLUG Minutes

    After being away for last months YVLUG meeting and neglecting to write up minutes for February, I'm back on track.

    Many thanks to our guests this month from the Bozeman LUG, Ken and Sherri! Glad you could make it over at the expense of driving time and fuel. Scott and I may plan another trip to Bozeman next week; still not determined.

    We actually stayed on the topics this time! Not that it's a bad thing to stray, but we also covered others as usual. There were a grand ten attendees. Starting at about 7:30PM to 9:45PM.

  • A must read link mostly covered at the meeting was on the Xiphophorus site. This covered the Ogg Vorbis topic.

  • A recap if you have not read about our trip to Denver last month for the Colorado Linux Info Quest can be found on
  • There was a quick install over the projector of the latest Red Hat 7.1 release. Some discussion on this again at
  • As we had guests from the Bozeman LUG, we talked about what they are doing over there next week at their LUG meeting. Again, see the announcement on
  • There were Linux bumper stickers handed out and a 3 CD set of the latest Red Hat 7.1 given away as a door prize. See what you're missing?!

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    March YVLUG Meeting

    I sent out an email to the mailing list but just to make it official... I announce the March meeting of the Yellowstone Valley Linux User Group this Thursday night (the 15th) at the usual place and time... 7:30pm at the office of Cottonwood Computer Solutions. I'll be giving a demo of the AXIS 2120 Network Camera... but I'll be running a little late... don't get out of class until 7:30... so expect the presentation to start until around 8pm. A little info about the camera f
    or those interested:

    Complete with built-in web server and motion detection, the Axis 2120 Network Camera is all you need to keep a visual track of events both at home and in the office. And of course - it is the perfect tool for any web attraction application! With no PC required for transmitting your images over the WAN/LAN or the Internet - you're just a network plug away from live remote monitoring from any convenient desktop.

    Hope to see you there!

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    February YVLUG Meeting

    Yes it's here already! Hope you caught this in time to make plans to make it.

    This months meeting will be this Thursday the 15th, 7:30PM, at Cottonwood Computer Solutions.

    Sorry, no topic was set. If anyone wants to speak on a Linux topic, feel free. No need to volen-twist anyone. Think of some good topics to discuss at the meeting. We will just have an all open discussion meeting.

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    January YVLUG Meeting

    Please join us this Thursday evening at Cottonwood Computer Solutions for another monthly meeting about the Linux operating system!

    Meeting time and place is as usual, Broadway Place downtown Billings at 7:30PM.

    This month Brock Williams plans to give us a glimpse of the spanking new 2.4 Kernel. Here he will explain the basics of how to compile the Kernel and install it to your system.

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    January YVLUG Minutes

    This months topic of the 2.4 Kernel was presented by Brock Williams (thank you). Not to stop there, thanks again (Brock) for the meeting facilities at Cottonwood Computer Solutions.

    There were 8 attendees at the meeting. Starting time was roughly 7:45 PM due to my distraction of asking for some assistance from Brock on a filtering log error of mine. Sorry... Scott was running late. ;-)

    Brock also went through some of the major enhancements of the 2.4 Kernel which can be found at: LinuxToday. As we have found, there aren't much of difference in other compiles of the Kernel. Just smells better...

    We were in for a treat this month! Brock threw in a second topic (maybe out of the blue?) on Zope. Zope is a web application server that works in a team collaborative atmosphere. What I mean is, several people can work on a site simultaneously. This is all web front-end administered. A big PLUS for a lot of us!

    Following the presentation topics were the usual "what's happening in the Linux world" discussions, along with my donations of bumper stickers from LinuxMall. (Oh well, messed up a shipment of mine.)

    All went very well, as the departure time showed, approximately 10:15 PM

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    December YVLUG meeting

    This months meeting is scheduled to be by Nicholas Henke. A junior at the University of Pennsylvania, studying computer and telcom engineering. He is currently working on a large Linux cluster there at the school. He is planning to be in town the day of our meeting, and there will be a backup plan if there are traveling time problems.

    Nicholas plans to talk about his projects going on back in Pennsylvania. The backup plan will be on SSL installation and usage.

    Meet us this Thursday, December 21st at Cottonwood Computer Solutions, located in Broadway Place at 207 N Broadway on the Mezzanine. Meeting time is set for 7:30PM.

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    December YVLUG Minutes

    This months meeting was short, as was the attendance. All five hard core LUGer's. Still no word from the presenter, but with luck we will have him back another day.

    So we were left with our backup plan of the SSL discussion. Well if you listened close you may have heard the topic mentioned. :) Yes there is a very long command line in starting the Apache SSL.

    Most of the discussions were of the troubleshooting nature. As always, feel free to ask us your Linux questions. Also feel free to ask them on the YVLUG e-list.

    Happy Holidays everyone!

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    November YVLUG Meeting

    I was thinking about just skipping the Novemember meeting since we had the Installfest but a couple of people have indicated to me that they want to have a meeting... so we will have one this Thursday night. Brock Williams will be out of town and I'm not sure if we will be able to use their office or not (expect an update email from me before theevent). If not, we can have it at Rocky Mountain College. We have a mini-Linux Lab right across from my office. :)

    I had someone tell me that they might have a topic for the meeting but I'm not sure if that is going to pan out or not... so as a backup, Warren and I can show phpnuke. phpnuke is the software package we are using for MontanaLinux.Org. phpnuke, as you would guess, is/was written in PHP and uses MySQL as a database backend for just about everything. Setting it up an maintaining it is very easy with 99.99% of it being web based.

    During the presentation, we will show the back end of MontanaLinux.Org as well as set up a new system from scratch.

    Should be interesting and fun.

    Hope to see you there... wherever THERE is going to be. :)

    For more info, call or email me.

    Scott Dowdle

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    November Minutes

    This months meeting put MontanaLinux.Org in the spotlight! Well... the web site construction anyway~

    The last minute topic went very well! Thanks again Scott! We can always count on Scott to come up with a topic for the meetings. Last month we had a couple interested in doing something but I'm not sure what happened with that. With the weather and road conditions, and a change in the meeting location, it was difficult to make it to the meeting for some. So a big thanks to those who made it! Also want to welcome another new (member?) visitor, Dianna! Thanks for coming to the meeting.

    6 of us were at hand and the meeting dispersed about 9:30.

    Topic was: PHP-Nuke

    • Went over the basic distribution extraction to the web backend setup.

    • System requirements (apache (or other web server), php-mod, php, and myql is all)
    • Described the administration parts and pieces (lots of features)
    • Then just a tad bit on our goal (to involve all Montana LUGs and Linux consultants)

    We tried getting some insider info on Gateway. Dianna works for the local Gateway Computer Store here in Billings. She was informing us they have or will have a Linux system on display. I only heard small rumors of this AOL distribution; it will be interesting to see. So stop out to see Dianna at the Gateway store and maybe she can show you this.

    Another small discussion on the Atari and Amiga. Gateway had purchased Amiga a while back and has been doing something new with it. Seems that it may not have all the same glitz Amiga once had though. FYI you can get more info on Atari at: (Yet another PHP-Nuke site).

    A must attend meeting in December is in the works! The date by my calendar would be December 21st, 2000. This may change being so close to Christmas, but will keep you posted. We have a person who would like to do a presentation and hopefully a demo on Linux clusters and parallel programming. He may be available at that time in December. Stay tuned for further details, and tell a friend. See you next month!

    Scott Dowdle's picture



    The meeting WILL BE HELD AT ROCKY MOUNTAIN COLLEGE. Where? In Alden Hall, room 004 which is in the basement. Luckily, there is an online campus map. I'd recommend traveling North down 17th, crossing Poly and turning right (East) into the parking lot. Alden Hall is the 2nd building on the North side of the parking lot. Room 004 is at the opposite end of the hall from the room we used to meet in way back when.

    This is for this meeting only.

    Hope to see everyone there!

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    KDE2 & more on MontanaLinux.Org

    KDE2 Final has been released. I put up an article about it over on MontanaLinux.Org... speaking of which, it has been totally revamped with a new backend. Warren and I are also taking a more active role in updating it and posting articles. Join in!

    I'm not trying to take away from the main YVLUG homepage and I am very grateful that Cottonwood Computer Solutions continues to host it. I hope I don't annoy folks too much with the semi-advertisements for the MontanaLinux.Org site.

    As always, I'd like to encourage feedback and participation.

    Scott Dowdle

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    3rd Annual InstallFest

    Announcing the 3rd Annual YVLUG InstallFest to be held on Sunday, Novemeber 12th in the Basement of Broadway Place... from 1pm - 5pm.

    Some arrangements still need to be made but my understanding is that it is a go for that day. At the Oct. YVLUG meeting it was decided that it would be a good thing to concentrate on some additional areas other than just Installation. We are looking for volunteers to bring their machines and to give several basic demonstrations as well as possibly having a Quake (the first version) tournament.

    It would be nice to have a few machines setup showing off things like ApplixWare, StarOffice, KOffice, and the various Gnome based office apps as well as some new 3D games such as Quake III Arena, Unreal Tournament, etc.

    Anyone else have any ideas?

    I believe we can pull this together rather quickly as a result of our experiences with previous InstallFests. I will make every attempt to get the event mentioned in the Billings Gazette... and I've heard that perhaps the time is right for a weekly column in the Technology section of the paper that comes out on Wednesdays.

    The more volunteers the better!

    Please email me and/or the YVLUG mailing list (or post a reply here in this discussion forum) with your commments, questions, ideas, and offers.

    Scott Dowdle

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    InstallFest Flyer

    Please find the InstallFest flyer on-line and distribute to friends. Sorry but I only included it in pdf. It is just over 1MB for better print quality reasons (300dpi).

    Install Fest - Quake II

    Hey, I was wondering about the Quake II Tourmanant, who wants to play it, we will have the shareware version to install on your linux box if you wish to play with the others who want to play, email, and let him know what you want to play, so we have an idea, of what is going on.

    Toby Schmidt

    Worzie's picture


    Do you think we could have a card next to the boxes that are demonstrating apps.? Having some key features of the app and what-not. Also some boxes playing some videos of Linux stuff in a loop. Don't know if it is possible, but to record some keystrokes, pulling up stuff and using some apps to play back in a loop. Have lots of machines doing stuff for display or
    trial like a convention!

    Any more ideas?

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    Please head on over to MontanaLinux.Org for the lates on the InstallFest discussions.

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    October YVLUG Meeting

    The October meeting will be held at the usual place and time on Thursday, October 19th.

    A Red Hat Linux 7 CD set (donated by Red Hat) will be given away at the meeting so make sure to show up for that.

    So far, the topic of the meeting hasn't been set and it will probably end up being a gab-fest about Slashdot news. :). In any event, I'm sure I'll come up with something to present at the meeting.

    Hope to see everyone there!

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    October Minutes

    Got another mind full of Linux geek techno-jargon/gadgetry talk. How about you? These types of meetings are hard to recall everything to report back in the minutes. Suppose I should start taking notes.

    We had a great turnout this month! Thanks again for coming. Hope the array of topics we discussed doesn't scare anyone off. Also want to welcome John and Darren to the group.

    12 were in attendance and we closed about 10 PM.

    • No topic was officially announced but we all did just fine ad-libbing. Plenty to discuss as usual.
    • Starting off with a look at the Indrema Center. "A revolutionary product built on a revolutionary operating system, Linux" for TV, for game addicts, for total entertainment... playing unbelievably realistic 3D games, browsing the Net at high speed, or just enjoying personal TV or MP3 favorites.
    • IMO the majority of the meeting fell back to the Red Hat 7's release and the rumors pros and cons. One great come-back to some of the talk form Bob Young is here at /. "The next slashdotter who compares anything Red Hat does to Microsoft will be punished. The punishment will be to find the nearest blackboard and write "freedom & personal responsibility good, serfdom & tyrannical control bad" seven hundred times."
    • More discussion on Linux security.  I personally have strengthened my on box since last meetings discussion.  Again, check out "Securing and Optimizing Linux: Red Hat Edition.. at  Scott D. brought the latest Maximum Linux  which came with a CD with 600MB+ of Linux security apps.  I am planning to put some of these to good use this weekend.
    • Took a look at some links at HackerWhacker.  Some advice, feel free to use the one-time free service but after that, learn how to use nmap.
    • Touched base on that :CueCat thing again to those that missed the September meeting.  Scott D. added that they plan to have you hook up a link from your TV to your sound card to pull up web sites of the prospective adds on TV from sound signals.  See the November issue of Linux Journal.
    • Still monitoring the latest greatest in the high bandwidth companies hopefully coming to Billings soon.
    • Looked into some apps for the Quicken replacement.  I asked about the alternatives on this and will soon be testing several out.  Maybe I will demo one in the future.
    • Made plans for next months annual install-fest/demo/gaming tournament.  YES I said game tournament!  Hopefully this will spark a very large interest to our gaming community.  There was not enough interest in the seminar idea at this time, maybe next year?
    • Linux Journal  (November) came with a standalone magazine Embedded Linux Journal.  Lots of excellent embedded Linux system uses.
    • We had an official Red Hat 7 two CD set and a downloaded three CD set including the powertools for a drawing.  Congrats to Brian and Scott H.  Remember to get the latest updates from Red Hat asap.  They also have a patched boot image to fix the anaconda loader during install.  I had that problem fixed with the boot image.

    For those interested, the Montana Java User Group (MT JUG) is meeting on Thursday, November 9th at Cottonwood Computer. The meeting will cover the basics of the Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) development platform.

    Thanks to our sponsor Cottonwood Computer Solutions for supplying the time and space.  The game room was great by the way!  Very cozy and better acoustics.  Awesome!

    See you at the 3rd Annual YVLUG InstallFest (Demonstrations/Game Tourney) November 12th at Broadway Place.  Then again for the monthly YVLUG meeting November 16th.  Topic is TBA, we have several ideas brewing.

    Worzie's picture

    Meeting Tonight

    We also need to discuss whether we are going to have the annual install-fest and if so what plans to make it better. Maybe have a demo/game tournament/install fest? Seems that the seminar interests went ca-puts.

    Would also like to encourage others to bring their boxes in if your having trouble getting it up and running. We need to do what ever it takes to promote new users starting with our own members.

    later, later

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    September Meeting

    As should be expected, the September meeting will be held on Thursday , Sept. 21st, 2000 (the 3rd Thursday). There will be two presentations: 1) Everything you wanted to know about Unix passwords and more, and 2) KDE 2.0 Features.

    Both presentations will be web slide based for completeness.

    Hope to see everyone there!

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    September Minutes

    Having had such a nice above average temps this month, then having a sudden change in weather day of our monthly meeting seems to have caused a major drop in attendance. This month we had a grand total of 7. Thanks for making it to the meeting despite the weather.

    As planned there were three topics discussed:

    • :CueCat .. The infamous bar-code scanner available at no cost from your local Radio Shack for a limited time. There are also other ways to receive the scanner besides Radio Shack by subscribing to particular magazines. Info on what was discussed at the meeting can be found on a couple columns in the Linux Advocate (97, 98, and 99). By Scott Dowdle.
    • Everything you ever wanted to know about Unix passwords and more.. Very informative information and great advice about passwords and how you should be picking passwords and for what reasons. This was a presentation originally by Marc Merlin and re-presented at our meeting by Scott Dowdle. Find this online at
    • KDE 2.0 Features .. A progress report on the KDesktop Environment. Also some information on what is new and changed with KDE. This was another presentation previously done by another author, created on Fri Aug 11 2000 by Kurt Granroth and presented at this months meeting by..mE! Warren Sanders. A couple links to find my resources were: for the slides. Final Beta of KDE Desktop Available for Linux®, and Pre-2.0 KDE progress report.

    Also discussed was Linux security. Seems to be a major topic these days especially with the DSL and Cable connections out there. We find that most Linux distros. come pre-configured with many ports left open to hackers. Learn how to keep up on the latest. Start with some of these resources: find "Securing and Optimizing Linux: Red Hat Edition.. at (a MUST have), "Armoring Linux" at Once you think you have secured your box to the hilt, check out HackerWhacker for a slew of tests to be performed on your system and get feedback as well.

    Meeting ended at approximately 9:45PM. Thanks to Cottonwood Computer for the space and working systems to present on.

    See you next month, October 19th for another geek session.

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    This is Konqi the KDE dragon's girlfriend


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    CueCat Barcode Scanner?

    Also demonstrated at the meeting will be the :Cue:Cat barcode scanner which can be gotten from your local Radio Shack. You must purchase something from Radio Shack so they can ring up your free :Cue:Cat... a battery will do.

    Need Linux software to use your :Cue:Cat? No problem. Feel free to download it from HERE.

    Another fantastic web page with :Cue:Cat hacker info can be found HERE. Make sure to follow the links at the bottom of the page.

    You can even use your :Cue:Cat scanner from THIS web page.

    I think it is way cool and it can even be used in your own programs.

    See you at the meeting.

    Scott Dowdle's picture

    Opps, that "HERE" up above

    Opps, that "HERE" up above should have been a link but I had a typo in my HTML. So much for my webmaster skills sometimes. :)

    Anyway, here's what it should have said...

    Another fantastic web page with :Cue:Cat hacker info can be found HERE. Make sure to follow the links at the bottom of the page.

    Scott Dowdle's picture

    New domain/site:

    In conjunction with the Linux Seminar that we hoping to put together, with a lot of planning... I registered a new domain: just came to life yesterday (Sunday, 20 August) and all it currently has there is a simple graphic I put together. As time goes by I'll be adding content which will include a Messaging/News system probably based on MyNews. The aim of the site is to be a portal that Montana Businesses can use to get Linux info with a more localized approach. I'd love help with the site, especially when it comes to graphics creation as I'm not much of a graphic artist... yet. I have learned the GIMP basics though. It is running on an ISDN line (128KB) so it will probably seem slow to you folks on broadband. Comments and suggestions are welcome. Anyone who wants a email address, just ask. I'd be happy to do a forward.

    Send email to:

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    August Meeting

    The August Meeting will be held Thursday, August 14th at the usual place and time. Subject of the meeting is tenatively set to be "The MySQL Database".

    Hope to see you there!

    Sorry this was late in getting out.

    The August Meeting will be held Thursday, August 14th at the usual place and time. Subject of the meeting is tenatively set to be "The MySQL Database".

    Hope to see you there!

    If anyone has any comments or questions, please email them to Scott Dowdle

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    August Minutes

    Earlier this month Scott Dowdle and I were talking about "just skipping" having a LUG meeting this month. I'm glad he didn't, as I predicted it could have been the death of the group. As it turned out, we had a much needed return of our average attendance. Good to seem some old faces again (Scott H. Brad, and Larry) and a new one as well (David S.). Thanks to Larry and Brock for sharing the products handed out at the meeting. If you missed the meeting, you may still be in luck to get some freebies, talk with Brock or Larry. We almost closed about 9:30 but had an unplanned item come up for discussion with the start of planning of the next install fest/information quest seminar. If you would like to participate in the planning of this event, please drop Scott or Brock an email.

    Here are most of how the meeting went:

    • "Evolution of Linux" documentary/Linux Expo and the IBM commercial and also a nicely done animation from User Friendly
    • Touched on embedded systems such as the wrist watch and the MachZ integrated chip
    • What really happened to the LinuxCare CEO and how they are doing now
    • Free hand outs - Caldera Linux Technology Preview and SuSE 6.4 evaluation. Thanks to Caldera and SuSE!
    • Telephony applications such as the DialPad (sadly only on windows java), and Net2Phone (once again only on windows)
    • The embedded video camera ready to go with web server and all
    • Search engines and well I still use Google
    • MCN now using all Linux servers!
    • Linux office suits - Star Office
    • What the heck is XML again?
    • GNOME vs. KDE and the future of GNOME
    • Poor old SCO/Caldera - the big deal
    • Sadly the end of VAX as they phase out
    • Finally the LUG members plan for next install-fest/information quest

    Great to see everyone again!
    Come join us again next month, some time, same place...

    Scott Dowdle's picture

    Well, I thought it was a

    Well, I thought it was a cool meeting. Everyone who attended the meeting got one of the Caldera Linux Technology Preview packages from Brock and several people took home evaluation versions of SuSE (either Intel or PowerPC). I took home the full version of SuSE 6.4 and installed it. In fact, I'm using my new setup to type this from. I'm not decided on SuSE yet. :)

    We DID NOT cover MySQL at the meeting. Instead I played quite a few .mpg, .rm, and .avi movie files I had collected earlier in the week including IBM's "IBM Supports Linux 100%" commercial and various pieces of the upcoming "Evolution of Linux" documentary.

    After the movies we talked about everything under the sun including the possibility of some sort of Linux show. We discussed an Installfest but decided that it would be a good idea to have a Seminar of some sort and try to make it as upscale as possible. Several of us (Larry, Brock, Warren and I) are going to have a meeting later to try and nail down some details.

    Hopefully Warren will post more post meeting minutes later in the week. It is way past my bed time.

    Hope to see everyone at the Sept. Meeting!

    Caldera Preview

    We got a shipment of about 20 Caldera Linux Technology Preview Boxed sets in the mail a week or so ago that anyone is welcome to if they'd like. Perhaps if we have some time at the meeting, we can install it and play with it a bit (or I'll install it somewhere beforehand so we can just play :). It's pretty sweet, really, as it has the latest 2.4 test kernel, the latest KDE 2.0 snapshot, some new Java stuff from Sun (JDK 1.3 I think). Anyway, KDE2 is slick and quite pretty. Should be fun.

    Free stuff from SUSE! A

    Free stuff from SUSE! A bunch of demo CD's and one full retail boxed set

    Larry Dillon

    Scott Dowdle's picture

    July Meeting

    The July meeting is scheduled for the 3rd Thursday in July... July 20th. The topic for the meeting will be Webmin. Click "Read More" link below for some info on Webmin. Hope to see everyone there!

    A free program named Webmin will be the topic for the July meeting.

    Webmin is described as:

    "Webmin is a web-based interface for system administration for Unix. Using any browser that supports tables and forms (and Java for the File Manager module), you can setup user accounts, Apache, DNS, file sharing and so on."

    Who is familiar with Linuxconf? Although Linuxconf is a very comprehensive program, the user interface leaves a lot to be desired. While Linuxconf operates in three different modes (1. text console, 2. X Window System, and 3. Web based), Webmin only operates via the web based interface... hence its name.

    The presentation at the meeting will attempt to give an introduction and an overview to Webmin as well as discuss any pluses and minuses there are with it. Club members are encouraged but not required to visit the Webmin homepage and give it a try:

    The more people who try it out, the more lively a discussion we will be able have on it.

    Webmin currently comes with theMandrake and theCaldera distributions but it is also available forRedHat and many others... including almost all Unix and Unix-like platforms.

    Hope to see you at the meeting!

    Scott Dowdle -

    Worzie's picture

    July Minutes

    Thanks Scott for the Webmin presentation! Very informative and in a real world, working situation. Many may find that Webmin is very powerful, and possibly more so than the traditional linuxconf panel we all know and love. This installs in minutes and is user friendly. May be too much a user friendly application. A great alternative to manually editing individual configuration files. And done locally or remotely! By default if you plan to use this remotely, it is not secure, but can be made secure. The link to the Webmin site can be found above.

    Another topic we talked about and showed was VNC. Find your linux installs here. Virtual Network Computing is here: This application is used to administer other systems remotely. Similar to PCAnywhere.

    Other topics included: the usual ISP's, DSL/ADSL/etc., NIC /Internet appliances, bad modem deals, even the US Government!

    This month we cut loose a bit earlier than normal at about 9:30pm. Another note to mention to those who plan to come to future meeting; there is FREE parking in the parking garage East of Broadway place and if you park on the third level, you can access Broadway place via the sky bridge there. Also it is unlocked! We continue to have problems with security locking the front door at about 7:15pm. So keep this in mind.

    Thanks again to those who come to show their support and interests. Linux still has a rather small community and NOW is the time to learn about the future of computing.

    Hope to see you next month!

    Worzie's picture

    Re: July Minutes

    Once agagin I forgot a notable item from the meeting. After the Webmin presentation, we talked about hacking up Netscape to fix/set preferences. I even said I would post this link and forgot to do so yesterday. So hack away with the recources from this site:

    Scott Dowdle's picture

    June Meeting

    The June meeting will be held on the third Thursday in June... the 15th... at the usual time (7:30pm) and place (Cottonwood Computer Solutions in Broadway Place).Currently a topic has not been set. Check back her for more info as the meeting draws closer.

    So, what would you folks like to have as a topic for the June meeting?

    Anyone, anyone?

    If you have a suggestion, please email Scott Dowdle.

    Hope to see you all there.

    p.s. Look for other discussion threads on previous month annoucements. There has been a considerable amount of pre and post meeting chatter posted so check it out!

    Worzie's picture

    June Minutes

    As scheduled this month we discussed PHP.The Personal Home Page tools.

    PHP is a server-side, cross-platform, HTML embedded scripting language. If you are completely new to PHP and want to get some idea of how it works, have a look at the Introductory Tutorial. Once you get beyond that have a look at the example archive sites and some of the other resources available in the Links section.

    To some this may have been a bit boring if not interested in creating web pages or programming. The presentation went rather smooth there Scott! Thanks for that.

    The presentation was that of another presentation Scott D. and I attended in Colorado. It can be found at: Keep in mind that PHP4 is now out as the presentation was written before April 2000.

    As with the programming discussions we also talked about databases with PHP and using them or.. heck, not using them. Funny stuff.

    Talked about secure shell software and secure connections applications for Windows. With that we got into Aureate/Radiate Spyware. No this is not hacking applications but, well being hacked basically. For more information with this see: It was rumored that a SSH app for Windows, Penguinet, may be into this Spyware stuff.

    We also touched in again on Mandrake with its latest 7.1 release. I have been having some fun with this one. Check it out, try it.

    Thanks to those who participate! See you next month.

    Scott Dowdle's picture

    PHP Presentation

    We have a topic for the meeting: PHP

    For those that don't know what PHP is, it is a scripting language used for creating dynamic webpages. To find out more about PHP just visit the PHP website at:

    Warren and I got to hear Rasmus Lerdorf talk at the Colorado Linux Info Quest back on April 1st. Rasmus is fantastic speaker.

    I'll be using Rasmus' slides from the CLIQ show as source material for the PHP Presentation.

    PHP is supposedly used on more than 2,000,000 websites these days. I've been using for a couple of months now and it is pretty easy to use. Anyone interested in making dynamic (rather than static) webpages should be interested in this topic.

    Hope to see everyone at the meeting.

    Possible topic(s)

    Hi, y'all! Just gonna put in my two cents worth here and ask for a discussion (need not be entire meeting, just enough to get us newbies up to speed) on security, Read/Write/eXecute permissions (proper use!) and setting up efficient groups. Also, maybe Scott can touch on the enhanced(?) permission bits that Red Hat has embraced as of about 6.1 -- I remember reading a little about them in Red Hat's book but haven't seen any other discussion of them.

    For another short topic, maybe touch on how to restore your system after a power failure, for those of us unable to afford a UPS at this time. What should we have prepared and a check list of what needs to be looked at/done.

    Another general question: does anyone know if ANYONE is planning to support parallel port tape drives, or will I need to write my own driver -- and if so, what's the best source for learning all the hairy details of drivers and loadable modules, etc.?

    Thanks for listening! (And with any luck this weekend, this will be the last post I make anywhere from a Windoze box!) Later, guys and gals . . .

    Scott Dowdle's picture

    Re: Possible topic(s)


    That was a lot of stuff there. Sure, we can cover file permissions. I'm not aware of anything special that Red Hat has done with permissions though. I have a slide on file permissions that you can at the following URL:

    File Permissions

    Regarding parallel port devices... I know there is a lot of support for them in the 2.2.x kernel series but not having any external parallel devices, I haven't had the need or opportunity to check them out. The only thing hooked up to my paraport is my printer. :) The homepage of the parallel driver development effort is:

    External Parallel Port devices and Linux

    As far as writing your own device driver (not that I've done it before), I'd recommend the fantastic O'Reilly book:

    Linux Device Drivers

    I have a copy of it if you want to borrow it. I bought it at Barnes and Nobles some time ago and I don't know that I've seen it on their shelves for a while.

    Regarding what to do if your system ever comes up with the single user mode bash prompt telling you that you need to fsck the filesystem because it wasn't shut down properly and may have some damage... just fsck the device. I've run into it about 3 or 4 times in the five and a half years I've been using Linux. I haven't had a real disk problem other than when I had a drive just plain go bad on me. We can talk about that if you like.

    I'd like to recommend that you take up reading my rather humble online column called simply "Linux Advocate." Not an original name but I've been doing it for a while and the next column with be #90. You can find it at the following URL:

    You can partake in the discussion system that I slapped up there yesterday... needs some testing. :)

    Hope to see you at the next meeting!

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