The BillingsLUG has a small informal gathering most Thursday evenings at:

MT Space
1519 Broadwater Ave
(adjacent to Tahitian Nites casino -- same building)


Meetings start at around 5PM and have no formal ending time but usually end around 7PM.

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May 2006 Meeting

Donnie Lunder will be giving us a demo on Jinzora this Thursday. For you music buffs; this is an awesome web app that handles your music collection and lets you categorize them nicely. "Jinzora is a web based PHP/MySQL application. It enables you to manage and stream your digital music and videos to any internet connected computer, your home stereo set or a hardware jukebox device."

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April 2006 Meeting

This month I thought I would take a stab at showing something I know virtually nothing about at the time of this writing! Okay, well I have a clue, but not much experience with it yet. I would like to talk about and demonstrate at least one method of creating an encrypted file system (in Linux of course). I have run into at least a couple articles this past week on the topic of the ever increasing theft of portable computers and the detrimental value of just the data alone. Not having a laptop anymore, I will just substitute with a desktop PC. To summarize this, I will be talking about encrypting an FC4 partition using dm-crypt with LUKS encryption, without patching the kernel and the util-linux package.

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March 2006 Meeting

It's been a while since we have taken a look at what's new as far as Live distros. I thought it might be fun to take a look at a few of the latest greatest. In testing a couple out I'm quite impressed with how they're coming along. So instead of gathering around one PC, we will grab a CD and play around in them and talk about what we like and dislike.

Keeping up with our theme of "homework"... I had hoped to have a place or discussion to come up with some task oriented questions. I'll mention one here and if others come over the list we can add them.

  1. Creative ways to... Mount local or remote Windows filesystem/shares for file editing.

Lastly... Jason has some Ubuntu CD's to give away. Somehow he ended up with a surprise shipment of them. Please help him get rid of them ;-) And I too have some things to get rid of... I got a shipment of development CD's and shirts and toys from a database company. Lets say... it's enough to do a trade show booth ;-)

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February 2006 Meeting

This month Shawn Wilson plans to give us a brief demo on BASH scripting. Other things we might fill our time wisely with is talking about some common tasks and ways of performing them. If you find the time before Thursday, think about some of the items below and share your preferred method.

Linux Homework: Come up with various ways to do the following:

  1. Creative ways to... Run a task at a predetermined time (you pick the time: computer startup, shutdown, hourly, daily, weekly, ping request, new mail, or sometime else)

  2. Creative ways to... Renaming a set of files using regular expressions
  3. Creative ways to... Compress files and folders & extracting archives
  4. Creative ways to... Copy files over the network
  5. Creative ways to... Search and replace over multiple files

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January 2006 Meeting

This month Shawn Wilson plans to give us a brief demo on BASH scripting. Other things we might fill our time wisely with is talking about some common tasks and ways of performing them. If you find the time before Thursday, think about some of the items below and share your preferred method.

Linux Homework: Come up with various ways to do the following:

  1. Creative ways to... Run a task at a predetermined time (you pick the time: computer startup, shutdown, hourly, daily, weekly, ping request, new mail, or sometime else)

  2. Creative ways to... Renaming a set of files using regular expressions
  3. Creative ways to... Compress files and folders & extracting archives
  4. Creative ways to... Copy files over the network
  5. Creative ways to... Search and replace over multiple files

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December 2005 Meeting

This Thursday is our next scheduled meeting. I think last month turned out to be a good meeting. However this month I'll continue the "getting back to the basics" but not as in depth. Perhaps we can revisit some of the already covered commands and some others not covered. I would like to leave plenty of time for computer talk and possibly to help Craig out with his web server. Donnie has mentioned also having some CD's to hand out; linux for human beings! Ok it's actually Ubuntu 5.10 and it contains an installer CD and a live CD.

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November 2005 Meeting

Yes we are having a meeting this month. I (Warren) think it's about time to get back to the basics in Linux. We usually have this type of meeting at least once a year. What I want to talk about this month is some "basic" tools we use on a daily basis. To make this fun I wont be listing all the tools I plan to describe. So bring your list and we can cover multiple tools and compare the same ones and talk about the different ones.

October 2005 Meeting

This month Donnie Lunder will show how using iptables you are able to utilize two different Internet connections at the same time. It is still a rather simple example, so feel free to bring your own personal snippets of iptables commands and questions.

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September 2005 Meeting

This month Shawn Wilson would like to share his experiences with LDAP, specifically when used for authentication of multiple hosts in a small enterprise environment. Shawn will give an overview of how authentication happens in Linux and where LDAP fits in the picture and then move on to a step-by-step installation and configuration.

Once you have LDAP working properly for authentication it only makes sense to start integrating other services there as well (address books, virtual email accounts, etc.). Anyways that's all stuff that could be discussed in future meetings.

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November 2004 Meeting

I have been clanking around with SmoothWall now for a couple months. It is time now to reveal my findings. This month I will show how to install, configure and use a SmoothWall Firewall. I will also show you how to get around some quirks and customize your Smoothie!

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October 2004 Meeting

This months topic is a revisit of a wrt54g hack. FYI, this is a wireless Linksys router. An offer I could not refuse! Any time someone wants to give a presentation it is almost always accepted. Ken Dyke of the Bozeman LUG will travel to Billings tomorrow evening to present this to us. With the experience of Donnie and Ken, I'm sure we'll have the best coverage.

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September 2004 Meeting

As usual, not much thought was put into the planning of tonights meeting. I have been working with The GIMP a bit over the past few weeks. I thought I'd show some cool things I do with it. Scott uses it a fair bit as well; I'm sure he will like to show off some things he uses it for too.

Anyone needing to solve some issues with their Linux box, please feel free to bring it on in so we can talk about your problems. Doctor fees will apply ;) Just kidding.

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August 2004 Meeting

At the last moment I decided to do a impromptu example upgrading some spam/virus services and testing its effectiveness. Other than that, we shall catch up on the latest news on the Linux front.

If you are reading this here at the YVLUG site... you will also know that I'm bringing my AMD64 FC2 Shuttle Shoebox.

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July 2004 Meeting

Tonight's the night! Ever since our observed Independence Day holiday, I have been dragging behind. At least I was able to confirm with Shawn Wilson; he will be introducing us to Gentoo tonight. A change of Linux distribution face for a change! Thanks Shawn!

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June 2004 Meeting

This Thursday is our monthly meeting already. I'm hoping that I will make it as it is the last day of inventory at my office.

Donnie Lunder has offered to show-n-tell a wireless router you can compile Linux on. Scott Dowdle will discuss the latest craze in DVR software; MythTV. Scott and I are avid TiVo users and are enthusiastic about digging into this project.

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May 2004 Meeting

Scott Dowdle will give us the run down on Scribus desktop publishing. Also bring your ideas on the upcoming Installfest.

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April 2004 Meeting

I apologize for not getting this out sooner, but please read through.

There will NOT be a meeting this evening. We have decided to postpone it one week. Next week (April 22nd) I will give a howto on building RP M's.

Sorry if this has caused any disruption to your schedule.

See you next week,

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March 2004 Meeting

I think we might be in for a treat this month! One of our new members Shawn Wilson will be presenting us with a howto install FreeS/WAN and setting up a VPN. We will go on with this topic even though as of the first of this month FreeS/WAN has discontinued development.

I also have a couple books to give away at the meeting. O'Reilly books has kindly sent us these and it would be nice to write up a book review after reading. I have yet to read one I got from the BozemanLUG, but will write something up for Ken soon.

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December 2003 Meeting

There are a couple items planned. I do a demo of rdesktop: A Remote Desktop Protocol Client for accessing Windows NT Terminal Server. Scott Dowdle plans to talk about his RHEL WS experience, and... he will also come bearing some surprise gifts provided by another of our beloved members. Hope this is enough to entice you into coming!

See you Thursday,

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November 2003 Meeting

This Thursday evening is our next meeting. I will be presenting the topic of "Obedience Training for your SpamAssassin". Giving you one particular scenario of what you might use to effectively train for spam annihilation using a live demonstration.

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June 2003 Meeting

The YVLUG Meeting is tonight. Check out for more information. I hope to see you there. We actually have two presentations tonight: video encoding/decoding howto and a 1 hour video entitled The Code - Linux.

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URL Oops URL Correction.

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May 2003 Meeting

Topic:Linux Routing/NAT/Firewalls Setting up a firewall and securing it properly.
Presentor: Christopher Pace; Security and Services Specialist.

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April 2003 Meeting

Topic:Howto Prepare for Dual Boot Our friendly dual boot tool, Partition Magic. Provided by Jeff Stenehjem will be demonstrated on a Windows box with a Red Hat 9 Installation.

There will be additional copies of Red Had 9 for those interested in trying or upgrading to. As usual we will have a Linux discussion before during and after!

See above for meeting details.

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March 2003 Meeting

Topic:YVLUG business!
Topics schedule, YVLUG web overhaul(?), Ideas. Bring your ideas and speak up. If you can't come, please send the group an email with your ideas. Lets make some plans!

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YVLUG February 2003 Meeting

There will be a Linux User Group meeting February 20th at 7:30 PM.


Computer Dimensions
1826 Grand Avenue
Billings, MT 59102
Find for us in the basement.


Red Hat Linux 8.0.94 Phoebe 3

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January 2003 Meeting

There will be a Linux User Group meeting Thursday, January 16th at 7:30 PM.


Computer Dimensions
1826 Grand Avenue
Billings, MT 59102
Find for us in the basement.


Steve Jobs' Keynote speech from the recent MacWorld Conference... Jan. 7th

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December 2002 Meeting

This months treat: we will be presenting a couple "Hacker" documentaries (for educational purposes only).

n. pl.

A work, such as a film or television program, presenting political, social, or historical subject matter in a factual and informative manner and often consisting of actual news films or interviews accompanied by narration.

There should be time for some chit-chat and troubleshooting as well.

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November 2002 Meeting

There will be a Linux User Group meeting November 21st at 7:30 PM. The NEW location:
2110 Overland Avenue, Suite 127.
Billings, MT 59102
Look for us on the back side of the building.

This months topic will be open an discussion.

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October 2002 Meeting

There will be a Linux User Group meeting October 17th at 7:30 PM. The location is to-be-announced.

This months topic is GnuPG. Please familiarize yourselves before the meeting as this will be our first key signing party.

Stay tuned for further information including location changes.

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All attendees send their key ID, key type, fingerprint, and key size to the Warren Sanders AND Scott Dowdle, who will compile everyone's key information. In most cases all you need to find your firgerprint is 'gpg --fingerprint', copy/paste first two lines.

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The NEW location: 2110 Overland Avenue Suite 127. It is in the brick building with a blue stripe; just South of Costco.

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August Minutes

We had a great meeting last night! There were five in attendance. Meeting started at approximately 7:30 PM and we wrapped up about 10:10 PM.

Scott Dowdle came casually late bearing gifts! An official (metal) boxed Quake III Arena. For those who attend our meetings and have a computer with supported video card [nVidia or Voodoo3] may still contact him to get a copy. (I trust those that may apply know how to contact him.)

Some of the topics covered:

  • Xine - The long winded history of the DVD legalities in using these types of software. Sorry Scott :-)

  • Dell's OS-less computer offers debate with Microsoft. Sure this sounds like a winner! ;-)
  • WalMart selling their pre-installed Mandrake systems
  • MySQL, Apache, Sendmail, Zope, Web hosting etc...
  • SSH - look out for a Trojan in compiled versions.
  • PostNuke/phpNuke - sessions, messages and exploit.
  • StarOffice/ - what's the difference? BTW is relaxing their license a bit more. No more free laborers to Sun?
  • AOLServer no big deal, just some news in the latest LJ
  • Linux Journal offering their 100 issues for $100 to the end of this month. Call 1.888.665.4689 by the 31st
  • LWN - opinions on the possibility of LinuxWeekly News shutting down. I hope they survive
  • GeekCode - Just for fun. Showing your geeky side? What do ya got to hide?

Thanks for supporting the YVLUG by your attendance.
Special thanks to Pat D. for the RH hat! Hope to see you at the meetings on a regular basis.

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July 2002 Meeting

Yes we'll be having a meeting this month! Sorry again for not having a meeting last month.

I'll be doing this months presention on GnuCash. I have been using GnuCash now for about seven months now without falling back to Quicken once. I know Kevin also uses it; maybe he would be available to give some pointers from his experiences also.

Meeting time as usual is 7:30PM at Cottonwood Computer Solutions.

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June 2002 Meeting

Sorry the message did not go through to all. This months meeting was cancelled due to work and out of town conflicts between Scott and I (Warren).

Hello everyone,

Warren is out of town, and I've been swamped all week with a computer camp I'm involved in. I really don't have a topic for a meeting this month... which is supposed to be today (being that today is the 3rd Thursday of June)... and as a result, I don't see a need for a meeting this month.

To the best of my knowledge, this will be the first month in a long while that we have been without a meeting. Sorry. Consider this a little summer break.

I promise to make the meeting in July.

If you guys want to have a meeting just let Brock know so he can have the facilities open.

Scott Dowdle, System Admin
MontanaLinux.Org & (in my basement)
406.254.2367 (home) (work) 406.238.7380 (work)

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May 2002 Meeting

When: This Thursday the 16th of May at 7:30PM
Where: Cottonwood Computer Solutions in the Broadway Place Plaza.
Parking: Free (street or parking garage)
Admission: Free
Presentor: Scott Dowdle
Subject: Red Had 7.3 | Red Hat Cert | Red Hat Network

If you would like a (non-official) copy of RH 7.3, Scott will have them available to those who RSVP a copy. Please request a copy at Scott's email.

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April 2002 Meeting

Time has come again for another monthly YVLUG meeting!

I think we're in for a treat this month as I have found a guest presenter. Craig Sprout, my predecessor from where I am employed is an avid "Mandrake roll your own user". He will be able to introduce himself better at the meeting I'm sure.

He will be doing a presentation on a "Beginner's Survival Guide to Vi/Vim". I know when I get stuck in Vi, I clank around a bit just to get out. Maybe he can get some new Vi users.

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Meeting Minutes

After a slow start to the meeting, we got into some Linux news debriefing and then a bit of a show-n-tell. Brock and Jeremy had a Zaurus PDA to show off. You can check some details on this little puppy at They also had a couple older iPAQ Internet Appliances they picked up for real cheap. They explained how to hack the BIOS for flashing a tiny Linux OS onto it.

After another party returned the overhead projector we got on with the main presentation by Craig Sprout. He did an excellent job both in his effort and knowledge on Vi/Vim. We now have a new presentation format to try following by using Kpresent for a more organized layout. Keep in mind it's not a requirement...

Here you will find Craig's presentation on Beginner's Survival Guide to Vi/Vim. Feel the /. effect Craig? :)

We had 9 attendees and the meeting lasted to 9:50PM.

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March YVLUG Meeting

This month we have a treat! Scott has subscribed to the Sundance channel just to get Revolution OS. Not to give it away...

REVOLUTION OS tells the inside story of the hacke
rs who rebelled against Microsoft and created Linux and the Open Source movement.

Scott will be showing this motion picture at this Thursdays meeting for about an hour and a half.

You may have know by now that Mandrake 8.2 has been released just a few days ago... Scott has been fighting the crouds for bandwidth pulling these (I think) 3 CDs off mirrors. He requests that if you would like a set to please drop him an email so they may be ready for you at the meeting. Count me in for a set Scott!

As usual, as time permits, we will discuss the latest goings on in the Linux community.

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YVLUG 5th Annual InstallFest

Heard about Linux and want to try it on your computer but are intimidated about installing from scratch? Or do you want a dual-boot system with Linux and Windows? The Yellowstone Valley Linux User Group will be happy to help you during their 5th Annual InstallFest. Bring a computer, and we will help you install Linux!

Please Note: You do NOT need to register for this event. You may if you wish, but makes no difference.

Where: Tech Hall (#7 on the campus map).
When: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM March 16th (Saturday) Tomorrow!!!
Cost: Free - Bring your own computer

Once again we will have a Quake III Arena LAN party on 10 systems!

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Compaq Install

Just a quick note for the guy (Jeremy?) I helped install Linux on the Compaq Deskpro 4000; could you please get ahold of me or come to this weeks LUG meeting Thursday (with your system). I may have a solution to some video problems we experienced with your system. Hopefully you kept Linux on your system ;)

So please drop me an email so I know when we can get together.

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Annual Event

FYI, Yes we did just have our 4th annual InstallFest this past November. We now have changed to a new season and location. We will probably not be holding any more InstallFests in 2002. So we hope you can make it for this at Rocky.

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February YVLUG Meeting 2002

This month we are trying to brew up a topic for ya but it's still not solid as to what I was originally planning. Scott will show us more Quanta for the time being. We will see if my original idea of GnuPG or PGP pans out. Another topic up for discussion is the 5th Annual YVLUG InstallFest next month at Rocky Mountain College March 16th.

Anyway if your on this list and have not been to a meeting before, we meet at Cottonwood Computer Solutions, located in Broadway Place, 207 North Broadway (North 28th) on the Mezzanine. Meeting time is 7:30PM. Keep in mind that the building is locked after 6PM and will be open just before our meeting time.

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January 2002 Meeting

Tonights topic by Scott Dowdle will be on CodeWeavers Wine. Scott has tried a few different emulator programs and has found this to be very promising.

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December YVLUG Meeting

The December Yellowstone Valley Linux Users Group will be held Thursday, December 20th at the usual place and time. For those not familiar with the meaning of "usual"... Cottonwood Computer Solutions ( 207 N. Broadway Suite MZ-1, Billings, MT 59101) at 7:30pm.

No specific topic has been set for the meeting... so bring your topics, questions, comments... but most importantly... bring yourself to the meeting.

Hope to see you there!

Scott Dowdle

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November YVLUG Meeting

This months meeting falls in this Thursday, November 15th, 7:30 PM, Cottonwood Computer Solutions. Feels like a treat to have it up already. Probably due to moving last months out a week. I haven't been around the area of Cottonwood Computers for some time so I won't be able to give you any heads up for parking. Best bet is still the parking garage.

It is my understanding that our newcomer Donnie has agreed to a demo of Debian on a PowerPC Mac. Also a demo of Mac On Linux which allows for running MacOS native programs within PowerPC Linux. Maybe Mac OS X if he has time.

If you can't make it for the meeting, maybe we will see you at the InstallFest this coming Saturday the 17th. Please see or for info.

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November YVLUG Minutes

We had an awesome presentation from Donnie; thank you very much! He demonstrated the Mac X os and Linux on the PPC. Debian is the choice distribution Donnie used. Being used to PC and Intel based Linux installations, I was very new to most of the terminology and layers used to achieve the true dual booting PPC. Hats off to Donnie and his achievement. Looking forward to future PPC demonstrations.

Other items discussed were:

  • Kernel compiling
  • Programming tools
  • DVD/VCD programs
  • ARM Mini-PC
  • Dish broadband networks
  • InstallFest plans

  • I want to thank Paul and Chris for coming to the meeting. We hope to help out with any questions or troubleshooting you may need. This goes for anyone out there as well; no need to be a regular attendee/member to ask for advice.

    No plans were made for next months meeting, so if you want to hear about something or be a presenter for the December meeting, please contact us either through the YVLUG list,telephone, or

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    4th Annual YVLUG InstallFest


    The 4th annual YVLUG Installfest will be Saturday, November 17, 2001 at MCS Office Products - 1812 Grand Ave, from 1 pm to 5 pm. Hope to see you there!

    Bring your machine (and peripherals: keyboard, mouse, monitor) whether or not you have ever Installed Linux before we will have gurus to help you over the rough spots and it will be fun....

    Also, advanced Linux users should consider attending to help the new folks install or maybe help other users overcome configuration problems.

    For questions email Warren Sanders or Jason Huether or see the web site for directions to MCS Office Products - 1812 Grand Avenue, Billings, MT 59102 (406)652-3010

    Scott Dowdle's picture

    October YVLUG Meeting

    The October meeting of the Yellowstone Valley Linux User Group will be held on Thursday October 25th. That date conflicts with our long standing tradition of having the meetings on the 3rd Thursday of the month (which would be the 18th). Topics for the meeting include:

    • NIC (New Internet Computer) demo
    • Browser discussion (have you tried Galeon yet?)
    • Mandrake 8.1, urpmi and Mandrake's Software Manager

    The meeting time is 7:30pm at Cottonwood Computer Solutions in Broadway Place, downtown Billings.

    Hope to see everyone there!

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    October YVLUG Minutes

    Well this month turned out to be very successful; proves we can postpone without a big stir of confusion. If it did confuse anyone, we're sorry for that. Future meetings will still be held on the third Thursday of the month unless noted.

    A big thanks to Brock for the cool demo of the NIC (New Internet Computer). I won't go into great detail here, but we also looked at a few sites that deal with modifying the NIC, okay hacking the NIC. :)

  • Linux Devices

  • Hack-A-NIC
  • Hacking the thinkNIC
  • Brock also explained the backend command line 'urpmi/urpme' commands. With that he showed the front end which is Mandrake's "Drake RPM" (or is it "RPM Drake"?).

    I want to also thank Scott for the demo on Galeon. Galeon is a GNOME Web browser based on gecko (the mozilla rendering engine). It's fast, it has a light interface, and it is fully standards-compliant. It requires GNOME and Mozilla. This does't mean it will only work in GNOME; you need the GNOME libraries.

    I guess I left many in suspense with my reminder email. As mentioned at the meeting, we are planning on holding a smaller annual YVLUG InstallFest next month some time. See 4th Annual InstallFest Discussion. With that we announced the 5th annual YVLUG InstallFest too! Yes it will be much earlier next year but we also hope to be much bigger. Mark your calendar for March 16th, 2002 at Rocky Mountain College. Look for info in the coming RMC Outreach Catalog.

    Scott mentioned the IBM commercial and wanted to show this but we got side-tracked a bit. You can find this on Scott's Bookmark.

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