HOWTO: Use Linux to Slipstream SP3 into Windows XP iso

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A co-worker of mine inspired me to create a new enterprise CD with SP3 pre-installed the other day after I asked about an existing iso I had found on our network. I wondered if it were OEM or a new volume license with SP3 I had hoped it was.

He sent me a few links to some howto's and not all were the same. Looking over a few examples I quickly began replacing their Windows solutions with known Linux. Rather than recreate the wheel, I first searched how others have done it using Linux. These are a couple sites that have inspired my success:

The process is actually very easy but as usual 'your mileage will vary'. I am using KDE 4.3.0 with Fedora 10.

  1. Copy XP CD content into a clean working directory (/home/warren/software/VRMPVOL_EN/)

  2. chmod -R 777 /home/warren/software/VRMPVOL_EN/
  3. Convert everything to uppercase with convmv -r --upper --notest /home/warren/software/VRMPVOL_EN/. Don't ask; who'd of thunk Microsoft was case sensitive!
  4. Retrieve the redistributable SP3
  5. Extract the service pack using cabextract -d /home/warren/software/SP3/ /home/warren/software/WindowsXP-KB936929-x86-ENU.exe

  6. Install the service pack using wine /home/warren/software/SP3/i386/update/update.exe /integrate:Z:\\home\\warren\\software\\VRMPVOL_EN_SP3.

    The Z: is the wine drive letter I have my existing CD in. Run the wine configuration app and find the Drives tab.

  7. Extract the boot loader from the original CD with ./geteltorito /dev/sr0 > /home/warren/software/VRMPVOL_EN_SP3/boot.bin.

    I didn't have an rpm package for geteltorito so I got both files from the download page and chmod 755 to make it executable. I could only run this as root, so be sure to chown the boot.bin back to you.

  8. Write the iso with mkisofs -b boot.bin -hide boot.bin -hide boot.catalog -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -iso-level 4 -relaxed-filenames -D -V VRMPVOL_EN_SP3 -o /home/warren/software/VRMPVOL_EN_SP3.iso ./home/warren/software/VRMPVOL_EN_SP3/
  9. Burn iso to CD and test! I prefer K3b; just works.

So there you have your newly update XP CD with SP3 already installed. I tested and only created one coaster with a botched boot loader. This one boots and has a clean SP3.

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I'm probably late for a

I'm probably late for a comment but...
I'm follow this howto for sp3 slipstreaming.
Now I'm looking for a way to integrate hotfixes.

Is it possible under linux, al least using wine?

I've tried nLite under wine, but there are some errors
I've tried RVM_integrator and also in this case nothig works for me...

Do you know any other solution (excluding VM or using a window sistem installed yet)..???

Its very likely he is using

Its very likely he is using nLite, google it out, its a great tool if you have to deal with Windows.

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nLite it is


nLite is what the guy uses.

Scott Dowdle

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Yeah I used 'nLite' in

Yeah I used 'nLite' in conjunction with 'WMP11 Integrator' to do a bit more in XP such as IE7, WMP11, and hotfixes for those. Sometimes Linux doesn't have all the Window's hammers. I don't care to go that extent using Linux tools at this point.

I first had to do the SP3 in nLite, then do the WMP11 Integrator and back to nLite for IE7 and hotfixes. It has a ton of cool features for adding the product key, setting the theme, removing languages and keyboards, etc..

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Got mine from a co-worker


The main IT person for the Physics Department is across the hall from me and he uses some third-party Windows app to build slipstreamed Windows install media from the Volume License media we use. He gave me a disk he made that had SP3 applied as well as all other updates as of the build date... and it even included Firefox pre-installed. I need to get him to show me how he does that.

The only thing I've used it for was to install on my triple-boot iMacs because, for whatever reason, if I used SP2-based media... it would refuse to update to SP3.

I'm glad you show the recipe on how to do that from Linux (wine). Cool!

Scott Dowdle

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